As part of The Road to 50 States, CEO Pam Roach was interviewed by That's Nice's Nigel Walker about the future and elimination of barriers to success in pharma.
This case study describes use of qualitative and quantitative research to better understand what prevents women from purchasing for themselves more often.
Operationalize pricing: Identify the optimum price for your products today. Manage pricing policy for the long-term health of your business.
Our client wanted to test a potential new product that would offer their customers a single platform to process and distribute both audio and video signals. The client hoped to address some of the challenges their customers face.
A leading global printer manufacturer technology company commissioned Breakthrough Marketing Technology to conduct a brand attributes perception study.
rapid market assessment
With Rapid Market Assessment, we helped a client determine the best market opportunities.
Learn how we used hybrid VOC to assess the value of an innovative new product for a client.
A multicultural marketing success story: An award-winning commercial designed to increase diversity in the ranks of the U.S. Marine Corps.
A leading nonprofit sought to increase engagement with scientists of color in order to be more inclusive of a broader range of issues and perspectives.
How does one determine the value the market has for a new product and the requirements necessary to establish market demand?
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