Breakthrough Briefs

To build your value-adding chain map, you need to document the boundaries, the flow of value, activities, and benefits, draw relationships, and analyze the value-adding chain.
The value-adding chain is the ecosystem in which your target market segment resides. It describes the relationship between suppliers and customers all the way to the end user.
What are the disciplines of business models? What rules should govern market leaders' actions? What are the key elements of business model development?
business model
Business strategy mapping and execution framework leads to a strategy-focused organization, where there are a few vital performance drivers.
The objective of market orientation is sustainable profit growth. The market is made up of the customer, the competitor, and the value adding chain.
building value proposition
We have talked a lot about value propositions in the past, but what exactly is a value proposition, and how do you build your own?
blue ocean red ocean
A primary tool of Blue Ocean is to create a strategy canvas that portrays the relative performance of the existing competitors vs. the offering characteristics provided to the market.
The Brand Action Model™ is a sociological construct that provides a unique perspective on consumer relationships to brands.
driving toward the end user
Drive end user exploration. An end user-driven business thinks and acts differently than an asset-driven business, with a focus on the target market.
How do you deal with the onslaught of generics now that your technology/innovation is maturing?
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