Defining the Best Price

Price Optimization

price optimization

Price is the one component of the marketing mix that has a direct and straight path to the bottom line, so price optimization is key. Proven analytics operationalizes pricing by

  • Identifying the optimum price range for your products today
  • Managing pricing policy for the long term health of your business

How do you find and implement the best price? What you need is someone to

  • Guide your team through the entire process, including establishing an implementation path
  • Build a price optimization tool that can be used for your established and proposed products
  • Provide and manage the external market research most suitable to your business environment
  • Help you install the internal capability and other pricing tools to optimize price within your product and service portfolio

Price Optimization and You

What are additional benefits of price optimization?

  • The market facts determine value-based pricing models.
  • The models can be used to conduct “what if” analyses.
  • The approach can be expanded to propose pricing policies for multiple products and services in the same family at the same time.
  • It’s consistent with Six Sigma methodologies for Six Sigma practitioners.
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