Get to Know What Your Customers Want

Voice of the Customer

Go Beyond Traditional Market Research

Our Voice of the Customer engagements go well beyond traditional market research. We design and deploy a set of choice exercises that elicit a variety of market perceptions:

  • Attribute importance and performance
  • Customer outcomes importance and performance
  • Competitive and concept pricing
  • Feature value analysis
  • Other key aspects of the marketing mix

Qualitative techniques help us frame issues and language providing an understanding of the market from a handful of target customers. We conduct

  • Focus groups—in person and online—that we call exploratories. Depth exploratories allow us to develop the relationships between what people say, think and feel—what motivates their behavior
  • Interviews and triads
  • Direct observation—ethnography and netography

A hybrid of qualitative and quantitative methodology is how we investigate emotions with InnerMind Metrix℠.

Surveys are our primary quantitative technique. They are core to validating hypotheses, defining optimized pricing, and doing segmentation and positioning. The Breakthrough Toolkit™ takes survey research to the next level by using structured questions to validate causal relationships and determine what customers want to have as a result of using your product or service.

Why is VOC Important?

When analyzed as an integrated set, business leaders use output of the research to answer critical questions that impact business growth with market facts. It has to be done correctly to have value—to address your business objectives.

We have mastered the art and science of distilling information from customers and markets.

One Client’s Happily Ever After

Hear what one of our clients had to say about using VOC analytics to make sure their growth didn’t falter.

Communications Implementation

Does your organization have the expertise to execute your marketing strategy?

voice of the customerWhile analytically and strategically grounded, we apply proprietary and proven statistical methodologies to your brand and media strategy development, management, and measurement. We support all phases of the marketing process from the development of a winning value proposition to implementation of cross media communications. So, you get to focus on your growth portfolio.

We offer

  • Exploratory focus groups
  • Media planning, buying, execution, and post placement-analysis across all media
  • Television production and post-production
  • Innovative interactive concepting and implementation
  • Digital ad unit development, production and analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Public relations
  • Collateral material development
  • Strategic event marketing concepting and execution

We collaborate with you on your entire marketing journey—from strategy to tactical implementation.

Learn more about we have used Voice of the Customer to help clients.