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Meet Jade™, the premier AI assistant crafted by Breakthrough Marketing Technology to oversee the Breakthrough Knowledge Management System. Jade is designed to empower your marketing strategies with unparalleled insights and automation. Discover how Jade can transform your marketing efforts and drive exceptional growth for your business.

The resources information presented here demonstrates how we work with clients to deliver the insights and roadmaps that lead to sustainable growth. Learn from our in-depth white papers and strategic research into business growth topics and trends. Read our case studies to learn how we have used these tools to help businesses like yours grow. Download tools we have designed for you to help you grow your business. 

White Papers

Marketing Innovation
Historically, B2B companies have been product driven. But for a B2B company to better serve their existing customers, they must develop a market orientation and marketing competency in their organization.
integrated marketing
Marketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to customer/end user. It has outputs, inputs, and a series of tasks to be completed in order.
The go-to-market strategy is how the business will engage with a set of customers they want to serve in order to deliver growth and profits. It contains all of the work that a marketing unit must do to generate growth and profits.

Case Studies

We used Hybrid VOC to help a client position, market, and price new products.
Breakthrough Marketing Technology was asked to recommend programs that will support the growth of New York City Black entrepreneurs and business owners.
We designed a direct-to-consumer quantitative study to test the market's receptivity to a concept bath towel our client was developing.

Other Resources

We support go-to-market leader success as you consider introducing your innovations, repositioning existing ones, or expanding your customer base using our agile process.
On the road to market success, do you know the potholes that can wreck your journey? Do you know how to recognize what will be an inconsequential bump that won't take you off the road? These possibilities represent risks to arriving at your destination. Luckily, they can be mapped, evaluated, and addressed before your venture into the market.
In the midst of this pandemic, business owners find themselves concerned with the futures of their businesses. We have gathered a few resources to help you navigate your way through this crisis and, hopefully, survive to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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