Here, we share our insights gathered from many years of advising clients in a variety of industries. Learn from our in-depth white papers, case studies, and strategic research into business growth topics and trends. The resources information presented here demonstrates how we work with clients to deliver the insights and roadmaps that lead to sustainable growth.

Leading Market-Driven Innovation for Growth

Market-Driven Innovation (MDI) is designing, managing, and implementing your innovation process around the needs and wants you capture from your key markets. It begins with a business oriented toward targeted markets. These markets define strategy, which informs resource allocations–especially those resources dedicated to the innovation process.

Market Analytics vs. Market Research

During business team meetings aimed at improving growth and earnings, how often have you heard someone suggest doing a market research study? Market Analytics is more than market research; it is causal and answers the questions

  • What do we need to do to gain more business and higher prices?
  • How will the market react if we do this?

Why Can’t We Grow Our Business?

We often take a direct approach and ask business teams, “Why can’t you grow?” Their answers tend to fall into three categories: Leadership Mindset; Organizational Skillset; and Operational Toolset. In this article, we share some real-world examples of how these three “sets” affect business growth.

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