In the midst of this pandemic, business owners find themselves concerned with the futures of their businesses. We have gathered a few resources to help you navigate your way through this crisis and, hopefully, survive to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Click on the button below to download a knowledge base of resources by Chris White of Sneakers Agency.

Need advice planning your business’s future through this pandemic? We at Breakthrough are here to support you with 3 keys to surviving today and thriving tomorrow.

Below are articles that you may find useful as you plan the survival of your business:

    “As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) sweeps the world, consumers are being forced to dramatically change their purchase behaviors. Nielsen is tracking these changes and establishing clear navigation beacons for companies trying to understand the changes and plan for what comes next.”
  • Cautiously optimistic: Chinese consumer behavior post-COVID-19 (McKinsey)
    “Chinese consumers are gradually regaining their confidence as the COVID-19 crisis subsides, suggesting the majority will resume higher levels of spending in some categories over the coming months, according to McKinsey’s latest survey of consumer attitudes. A significant minority, however, is less confident about the future, suggesting many consumer brands will need to work hard to get back to normal. Stronger appetite for online shopping, meanwhile, could persist as the crisis abates, albeit with variations across categories.”