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In the midst of the coronavirus/COVID-19 state of emergency, there are a few things that we know are true. Hand sanitizers, cancelled meetings, work-at-home provisions, and travel bans are among the new realities in the workplace. We will be operating in a state of uncertainty and inconsistency in the near term.

As business owners, it is critical that we all keep up to date with changes in the status of the response to the spread of the virus and its implications, and interpret them for our employees. It is also critical that we develop a clear plan to communicate with our existing customers and those customers we are cultivating. This is an opportunity for direct contact with key players within our customer accounts. Communicate with them by phone and/or web meeting to understand how our products and services can better support them in this time of uncertainty and inconsistency. It is a unique opportunity to be the voice of calm thoughtfulness and leadership.

Your commercial team should identify key contacts with whom they need to speak. As leaders, this is your opportunity to identify the 3 key messages for customers that reinforce your brand attributes. Create questions your team can ask to learn how to respond to your customers’ evolving future needs as a result of today’s environment. The right questions can lead to in-depth discussion that strengthens your relationship into the future.

  • What innovative technologies are supporting the shift from centralized, mass buying patterns to to decentralized self-sufficient behaviors?
  • How will expectations for immediacy be addressed in your industry and business as social distancing, shuttered doors, and curfews become accepted norms?
  • How can we make it easier for you to transition your processes?

Share ideas among the employees who manage your customer touchpoints to customize the right questions for your business. Take control by learning from the market what should be your path forward by making intelligent decisions.

Breakthrough is here to support you with 3 keys to surviving today and thriving tomorrow:

  1. Connecting with your customers and employees
  2. Developing insights about how to motivate them based on data and advanced analytics
  3. Creating smart, fact-based plans to thrive in a future that is guaranteed to be unlike the past

We have successfully guided clients through these steps for the past 18 years. We’re ready to do it for you and define the competitive advantage to sustain you when the world emerges from this pandemic.

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