Market Space Investigation

Which markets make sense for your concept?

A Broad-Based Market Assessment

market space investigationMarket Space InvestigationTM is a high-level assessment of multiple markets that provides a process and factual basis for developing and evaluating new concepts. It satisfies the need to understand the current market landscape and whether customers find your concept for a new product or new service attractive. Market Space Investigation enables your business team to

  • Uncover the factors that would cause a market to have interest in your concept
  • Identify information you would want to include in a quantitative concept test, using analytics to determine pricing and positioning

Market Space Investigation ensures that you don’t overlook potentially valuable market-specific opportunities for your innovation idea, and helps you select your most promising market-specific opportunity or opportunities for market validation. Market Space Investigation is done prior to chartering an innovation project.

What Does It Deliver?

Market Space Investigation delivers

  • An opportunity matrix to prioritize markets based on demand for your new business development concept
  • Insights into the markets under consideration, including in-kind and not-in-kind competition
  • Marketplace vernacular to improve communication of your concept’s benefits
  • A qualitative assessment ready for quantitative validation

Market Space Investigation can lead to a market-driven innovation project or projects, which will proceed through the deep, single market assessment in the Market Validation step.

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