Get the most out of the precious time you have to interact with potential customers in a new business development mode.

Hybrid Voice of the Customer, or Hybrid VOC, is a methodology that combines the best of the qualitative interview and the core of a pricing and positioning quantitative assessment.

Key decision makers and influencers are asked to complete a set of exercises in a face-to-face interaction. Their responses trigger a focused discussion about their answers and about additional need areas. Responses from several sets of participants are analyzed, along with key statements as notes, to generate a basis for progressing with new product development and commercialization. The analysis generates

The Keys to a Hybrid VOC Interaction

Establish a clear objective—what you need to know for what purpose.
Set a well-defined scope to include addressable market and competitive environment.
Describe the concept product—what it is and why it can do what it can do.
Identify possible customer outcomes—what they want to happen in their businesses.
Generate potential product features—what any product must do to address those outcomes.
Define the competitive environment and the performance options customers have.
Formulate a considered pricing range and enable the customers to select their value level.
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