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Our marketing technology requires unique growth tools and approaches to uncover differentiated, actionable customer and market insights. Read our Case Studies to learn more about how we have used these growth tools to help our clients grow their businesses and increase revenue.

Hybrid VOC

Combine the best of qualitative interview and the core of pricing and positioning quantitative assessment.

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Rapid Market Assessment

Learn to master a disciplined approach for identifying or validating a market opportunity.

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Breakthrough Toolkit

Identify the products and services that are most attractive to your core customers.

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Rapid Value Assessment

Test your concept’s value in new or existing markets.

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Market Space Investigation

Art and science converge for sound decision making.

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Hybrid VOC

Get the most out of the precious time you have to interact with potential customers in a new business development mode.

Hybrid Voice of the Customer, or Hybrid VOC, is a methodology that combines the best of the qualitative interview and the core of a pricing and positioning quantitative assessment. In a face-to-face interaction, key decision makers and influencers are asked to complete a set of exercises. Their responses trigger a focused discussion about their answers, as well as additional need areas. Responses from several sets of participants are captured and analyzed along with key statements as notes to generate a basis for progressing with new product development and commercialization. The analysis generates

  • How the concept or new product should be formulated to deliver customer value
  • The price customers would be willing to pay for the concept product
  • The share you could expect to receive once in a competitive environment
  • Who among the potential customers would be most ready to test and purchase

A Hybrid VOC Interaction

There are a few keys to designing a Hybrid VOC interaction:

  • Establish a clear objective: What you need to know for what purpose
  • Set a well-defined scope to include addressable market and competitive environment
  • Describe the concept product: What it is and why it can do what it can do
  • Identify possible customer outcomes: What they want to happen in their businesses
  • Generate potential product features: What any product must do to address those outcomes
  • Define the competitive environment: The performance options customers have
  • Formulate a considered pricing range: Enable the customers to select their value level

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid VOC?

  • Speed:A project can be completed within 30 days of initiation
  • Thoroughness: The combination brings out more issues and interests than the sum of individual qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Positive engagement: Common customer feedback is “The best interaction we have ever had with your firm”
  • Alignment: Because both marketing and technical are involved in the interactions and learning the same things
  • Cost effectiveness: Generally about half the cost of traditional investigations

The Breakthrough Toolkit

Value Proposition in a Box℠

toolkitThe Breakthrough Toolkit™ describes the products and services that deliver the experience your most attractive customers/prospects value. A small sample of customer/prospect perceptions are collected and analyzed in this Excel-based, integrated data tool. Multiple methodologies are blended into one, delivering the interrelated marketing 4 Ps for the best value in statistical research today.

The Breakthrough Toolkit delivers robust marketplace analysis for fact-based business decisions. We perform a set of causal exercises based on behaviors. We require respondents to make choices of one answer over another to generate realistic and actionable results.

What Does It Deliver?

The Breakthrough Toolkit addresses market conditions that challenge customer lifetime value:

  • Lack of differentiation
  • Price erosion
  • New competitive threats
  • Eroded value propositions

The Breakthrough Toolkit is based on surveys of about 100 respondents per segment. It should be undertaken only after sufficient preliminary inquiries, usually in the form of interviews, have determined

  • Customers/prospects to be investigated
  • Key performance attributes and product features to assess
  • Outcomes customers/prospects want to achieve in order to quantify the characteristics of their desired experience

A Tool That Delivers Quickly

breakthrough toolkitThe Breakthrough Toolkit delivers results quickly. Once the target respondents are identified and the survey is designed, we deliver results within four weeks from start to finish. The Toolkit is cost effective; you, the client, own the workbook for ongoing scenario planning and to build internal capability. And the Toolkit is fact-based, with quantitative results generated from the voice of the customer.

  • Go-to-market approach for existing offerings linked to the experience customers/prospects want
  • Early assessment of the market value for a new concept vs. current products
  • Pricing, positioning, behavioral segmentation and channels generated from the VOC
  • Opportunities for differentiation to increase market share and optimize price
  • Competitive pricing—share vs. demand, including what if pricing simulation

Highly automated, the Breakthrough Toolkit makes statistical analysis easily accessible to the non-statistics marketer. The Breakthrough Toolkit is a consistent means to explore What if scenarios so you can examine whether and how you want to enhance the customer experience. For existing or new markets, it provides numerous interactive screens that allow analysis to be viewed from multiple perspectives:

  • The value of features and benefits, individually and in combination – providing prioritization guidance to technical/development
  • Needs-based segmentation
  • Competitors’ performance values
  • Computation of derived importance (based on correlation to the Net Promoter Score)
  • Quadrant maps indicating performance, importance and competitive advantage required to build differentiation
  • Demand and earnings curves with optimum price ranges and associated earnings for
    • New offerings compared to the competition
    • Multiple offerings in the same marketplace to explore possible cannibalization
  • Comparative value of brand vs. product feature value

Market Space Investigation

Which markets make sense for your concept?

market space investigation

Market Space Investigation™ is a high-level assessment of multiple markets that provides a process and factual basis for developing and evaluating new concepts. It satisfies the need to understand the current market landscape and whether customers find your concept for a new product or new service attractive. Market Space Investigation enables your business team to

  • Uncover the factors that would cause a market to have interest in your concept
  • Identify information you would want to include in a quantitative concept test, using analytics to determine pricing and positioning

Market Space Investigation ensures that you don’t overlook potentially valuable market-specific opportunities for your innovation idea, and helps you select your most promising market-specific opportunity or opportunities for market validation. Market Space Investigation is done prior to chartering an innovation project.

What Does It Deliver?

Market Space Investigation delivers

  • An opportunity matrix to prioritize markets based on demand for your new business development concept
  • Insights into the markets under consideration, including in-kind and not-in-kind competition
  • Marketplace vernacular to improve communication of your concept’s benefits
  • A qualitative assessment ready for quantitative validation

Market Space Investigation can lead to a market-driven innovation project or projects, which will proceed through the deep, single market assessment in the Market Validation step.

Rapid Market Assessment

Understand New Markets

rapid market assessment

Rapid Market Assessment™ (RMA) is a deep qualitative dive into a market space to determine if there exists a potentially attractive opportunity for your current business offerings to provide profitable benefits to either an adjacent market or geographical market that you currently do not serve. Rapid Market Assessment

  • Identifies the growth opportunities in the considered markets
  • Defines alternative business strategies/models that may be necessary to participate
  • Generates a path forward to initiate a project

With Rapid Market Assessment, you gain firsthand knowledge through focused interviews of the selected market in order to be able to

  • Describe the market dynamics and emerging trends in technology, needs, and offerings
  • Identify emerging discontinuities in the market
  • Define values and needs of specifying users
  • Validate the value chain, where money is made and centers of power exist
  • Establish an understanding of main players that could become acquisition targets based on the market-back view
  • Offer alternatives to market entry that capitalize on your strengths

Learnings will then be used to advance the market space into further in-depth market assessment, through a full market assessment to confirm (or disconfirm) your original assessment, as well as an in-depth market evaluation and strategy.

Your team will deliver a summary of the

  • Scope of the opportunity (how broad, narrow, or focused)
  • Value of the opportunity
  • Strategic fit with your company (with whom and how)
  • The industry or market, including composition of the market, key players, market drivers, unmet needs, key issues, influencers, and who has the power in the chain
  • Characterization of key players who are potential acquisition targets
  • An initial business hypothesis and value proposition
  • Other opportunities that may have emerged from the work

The RMA Approach

We will meet with your leadership team in a half-day session to develop a project charter and define the team required to conduct the Rapid Market Assessment. We will conduct a one-day workshop to generate an initial sketch of the market(s) to engage. We will then coach and/or actively participate in the team’s work to generate the considered market learnings required to make a recommendation. We will conduct another one-day workshop with the team, this time to develop the recommendation and path forward. Lastly, the team will make its recommendations.

Rapid Value Assessment

The Rapid Value Assessment™ (RVA) is aimed at testing the value for a new concept in an existing or new market. It starts with understanding the market and focuses on how to translate the concept into a value proposition. It usually covers Rapid Market Assessment topics first.

The RVA process has grown over time to stay abreast of changing innovation needs. Although the basic premise hasn’t changed, there are some innovative twists to addressing the question “How does the market value our concept?” There are four types of these new innovative RVA approaches:

  • Vertical RVAs are co-sponsored by both an upstream and downstream player in the value adding chain. These development partnerships not only identify even more promising innovations, but also accelerate the development process even faster.
  • Hybrid RVAs add some key quantitative questions to the engagement. They are especially critical when we want to marry outcomes to the concept features. They add clarity to expectations. Some have even added pricing options to the value assessments.
  • Clustering RVAs involve investigating related concepts simultaneously, giving the participants the opportunity to compare value to cost options.
  • Extended RVAs involve moving on to a quantitative product evaluation on the fly. Learnings lead to an opportunity to prototype concepts early on to better align product features to user needs.
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