Case Studies

We used Hybrid VOC to help a client position, market, and price new products.
Breakthrough Marketing Technology was asked to recommend programs that will support the growth of New York City Black entrepreneurs and business owners.
We designed a direct-to-consumer quantitative study to test the market's receptivity to a concept bath towel our client was developing.
We used our Breakthrough Toolkit to help our client determine market segments and market interest in their proposed new printer.
cantaloupe contamination control
Our client used value-adding chain analysis to provide a grocery store chain with assurance that cantaloupes they purchased met their brand standard.
cleaning agents
Using strategic development process that integrated visioning with value-adding chain analysis, our client transformed an inefficient supply situation into a streamlined new offering.
A new market entrant learned how to promote its new offering and where to focus its communications to reach receptive consumers.
chemical factory
One client used value-adding chain analysis to transform a production process into a safe and efficient new offering.
We conducted a Go-to-Market planning workshop to help our client identify core competencies and who might be their market segment.
We asked businesses owners why they wouldn’t design a continuity plan. It's not always about rational choices. Emotions play a big role in the decision-making process.
years of industry experience helping businesses transform

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