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The vision of the pharmaceutical industry is to sustain increased active and healthy longevity. Customizing treatment to the individual patient is one road to that future vision. Innovation is the key.
As part of The Road to 50 States, CEO Pam Roach was interviewed by That's Nice's Nigel Walker about the future and elimination of barriers to success in pharma.
CEO Pamela Roach will be joining other small business owners in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business (10KSB) Virtual Capitol Hill Day on January 13, 2021.
The census count determines how billions of dollars of funding are allocated to local businesses – our businesses, and the infrastructure our employees depend upon to channel their unique talents and skills that fuel the U.S. economy.
New York City called on Breakthrough to help them understand how to better support Black entrepreneurs in the city.
In her keynote speech at the Strategic Steps for Growth program graduation ceremony, BMT CEO Pamela Roach shared her own experiences and struggles with being a minority- and women-owned business owner.
public utility fortnightly hackathon
Public Utilities Fortnightly met with Breakthrough to discuss Breakthrough's role in the AABE hackathon "Bridging Gaps Through Innovation."
Pamela Roach and anthropologist Dr. Antonella Fabri will be presenting at this year’s “Why the World Needs Anthropologists."
This AABE Hackathon reaps the benefits of combining inclusion and cross-disciplinary thinking to develop innovative solutions for complex problems.
Develop a successful pricing strategy with an understanding of the market and the potential competitive situation for the business.
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