What We Do

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Clients come to Breakthrough Marketing Technology for our insights into what customers will pay for. We provide advice, analysis, training, and coaching services for Global 1000 clients. Our onsite diagnostic gets to the bottom of the barriers stalling business growth.

Our Approach

We reduce your uncertainty by enabling fact-based decisions using the best information available from primary and secondary sources.
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Growth Strategy

Give your organization a roadmap for aggressive growth. Drive growth with confidence based on knowledge of the market you intend to serve.
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Voice of the Customer

Draw meaningful insights from customers and markets using qualitative and quantitative techniques, with purposeful and actionable results.
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Find New Markets

The customers you want are the ones in markets that will value what you offer. But where are they? Who are they? What do they really want to buy from you?
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Optimize Your Products

Connect your brand to customers and the networks that influence them. We identify and analyze customers’ emotional, cultural, and experiential touch points with your brand.
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Motivational Messages for All

Cultural sensitivity, awareness of multicultural segments, and knowing how they respond to your brand can determine the success of your strategy.
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Maximize Your Earnings

Get the tools to understand and act on the value you deliver to those customers that will pay you the most for that value.
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The Changing World of Energy

We have an understanding of technology, analytics, AND the role that culture plays in consumer behavior.
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