Changing World of Energy

Where Technology & Consumers Collide

Energy is a rapidly evolving sector. Whatever the technology, demand is driven by consumers. With new and growing access to data, consumer dynamics are changing. Consumer relationships are shifting in significant ways because of

We are unique in our understanding of technology, analytics, AND the role that culture plays in consumer behavior. This can have significant implications for our clients. We have experience with everything from ethnographies focused on consumer behavior and preference, to worker safety in oil and gas, to predictive analysis on utility transformers, to evaluating high value solar materials, to communications and training for energy efficient workforce development.

We have tools perfect for the energy sector to

Energizing the End User

There has been a transition from a focus on energy products to a focus on end user engagement. Traditionally, energy companies started with their sales data to learn about their customers—what and how much they bought, what they paid, and information about their demographics. To understand customers requires information beyond demographics. Demographics are not what determines consumer behavior.

Instead, what is needed is a deeper understanding of the community. At Breakthrough, we uncover information about people’s uses of energy. We ask

What are their aspirations?

How do these aspirations relate to energy?

What does the energy sector need to do to connect with these customers?

Energy companies are aware of the importance of being driven by the customer. However, sometimes, they don’t know enough about their customers and don’t know how to learn enough about their customers to meet their objectives.

That’s where we come in.

We generate insights that help them refine what they offer customers and their communications to those customers. We transform data from static, demographic, psychographic, and sociologic, to effective communications. It’s how we engage with our clients, so they are more knowledgeable and understand what’s required to take best advantage of these opportunities.

Hacking Energy Using Human Design Thinking

Public Utilities Fortnightly met with Breakthrough to discuss Breakthrough’s role in the AABE hackathon “Bridging Gaps Through Innovation.”
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