Are you driving growth in your business with research-based, customer-validated strategies?

At Breakthrough Marketing Technology, we believe that continuous and incremental updates, backed by research and customer insights, are the keys to success. With our strategic thinking and intelligence, we identify what customers value and how to deliver it effectively.

We simplify marketplace complexity and uncover what will truly make your business better. Our unique approach combines left brain creativity and right brain analytics to connect our clients to their target customers and markets. We guide them towards profitable transformation and higher levels of operational effectiveness and revenue.

We believe in creating a strong sustainable business by fostering a creative and intellectually stimulating environment. Our team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences enhance our work and drive success.

Ready to take your business to new heights? Start thinking strategically and see the difference it can make. Contact us today for actionable tips on improving your strategic thinking skills. Together, we can achieve extraordinary results.

Our Mission

We uncover uncommon truths our clients can use to transform their businesses with differentiated value. We translate what our clients’ customers will pay for into simple facts that transform a business’s performance for the better by

Generating market analytics to enable decisions on goals for finance, production, sales, and other functions to deliver what targeted customers will value

Designing the business model to enable clients to achieve their business objectives with a culture that innovates ways to deliver to the market with ever-increasing effectiveness and efficiency

Providing integrated data tools and methodologies for marketers and the whole organization to manage business transformation

With all of this, we deliver profitable revenue and definable actions based on market intelligence.

We deliver on promises with honesty, transparency, continuous learning, commitment to quality, curiosity, and empathetic listening.

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