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Welcome to the future of marketing with Jade™, the premier AI assistant crafted by Breakthrough Marketing Technology to oversee the Breakthrough Knowledge Management System. Jade™ is designed to empower your marketing strategies with unparalleled insights and automation.

From go-to-market frameworks to transforming institutional knowledge into actionable insights, Jade™ is your partner in navigating the complex road to innovation with ease.

Discover how Jade™ can transform your growth.

Let’s dive into success together! To kick things off, share a glimpse of your business needs with me.

Don't know where to start? Try asking me about multicultural marketing, how to launch a new product, or ingredient branding.

Begin your journey with Jade using general prompts to discover our capabilities without sharing sensitive information. For confidential needs, our private Large Language Model (LLM) ensures secure insights without internet connectivity. Explore safely with Jade tailored to both broad strategies and private data.

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Is Value Pricing Right for Me?

Welcome to Breakthrough Marketing Technology! I’m Jade, your expert market strategist. Let’s explore whether value pricing is the right strategy for your business. Value pricing focuses on…

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What Is Strategy Development?

Welcome to Breakthrough Marketing Technology! I’m Jade, your go-to AI for diving deep into marketing strategies and development, crafted to support your journey toward achieving outstanding business outcomes. Let’s kick things off by discussing strategy

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Insights by Jade

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a strategic tool used to gain a deep understanding of a customer’s experiences and interactions with a product, service, or brand.

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Insights by Jade

Using Hybrid VOC to Determine Purchasability of Smartphone App

Hybrid VOC helps you understand how customers perceive your new product and could be useful for determining how customers will receive your smartphone app. Using this methodology involves combining qualitative interview techniques with quantitative pricing and positioning assessments.

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