Ron Sullivan

strategy map flow-down
The strategy map flow-down is a framework to execute strategy, beginning with a disciplined and consistent way to describe it.
Upstream innovations depend on the downstream market for adoption of their innovation. But often, businesses shield upstream innovations from potential adopters.
business growth decay
Is your business stagnant or even declining, yet you struggle to find a solution? There are five big reasons for business growth decay.
b2b2c marketing
B2C companies focus more on content marketing, while B2B companies focus more on product or direct customer marketing. Should B2B companies adopt a B2B2C mindset?
Maximize the benefits of a well thought-out and executed marketing plan by integrating the components of marketing to deliver growth.
rapid technical assessment
How does the small business simplify work processes without the advantages of a larger business?
How do I deal with the onslaught of generics now that my technology is maturing? This question weighs heavily on the minds of consumer marketers, but many B2B marketers don’t seem to connect with it until it is too late.
Most business leaders believe they must organize around functions. In doing so, they create silos that kill market innovation creativity.
Managing an ingredient brand is not easy. In order for an ingredient brand to be successful, you need to capitalize on it.
business model
Transformation of an idea into something of tangible value that we can sell becomes brutal, but it doesn't have to be. Just follow a few simple steps.
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