Sustainable Profit Growth

Asset Orientation vs. Market Orientation

In a previous blog post, we discussed asset orientation vs. market orientation. A market-oriented business thinks and acts differently from an asset-oriented business. A market-oriented business starts with the target market and focuses on customer needs. It achieves profits through customer specification, via integrated value delivery.

Sustainable Profit Growth

sustainable profit growth

The objective of market orientation is sustainable profit growth. The market is made up of the customer, the competitor, and the value-adding chain. You need to take all three into consideration in your analysis.


Understand the values and drivers of the decision-making customer, as well as those customers whose values match your value proposition.


Understand the short-term strengths and weaknesses and long-term capabilities and strategies of key current and potential future competitors, including the technologies capable of satisfying the current (and well as future, expected) needs of the target market.

Value-Adding Chain

Understand the dynamics of the entire value chain, including political and economic constraints.

The above diagram is also the front end of Future Business History℠. Future Business History is part of the process designed to lead a company or business through developing a vision and an aggressive growth strategy.

Learn more about asset vs. market orientation and sustainable growth in our white paper, "Develop Your Go-to-Market Strategy."
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