Market Orientation vs. Asset Orientation

Drive end user exploration. An end user-driven business thinks and acts differently from an asset-driven business. A business with an asset or product orientation starts with the factory and focuses on the products. The means are selling and promoting, with the end result profit being measured through sales volumes. By contrast, a business with a market, or end user, orientation starts with the target market and focuses on the end user needs. They achieve profits through end user specification, via integrated value delivery.

asset market orientation

Looking at the downstream end user to uncover new value means certain shifts have already taken place—such as shifting from an asset-driven mindset to a market-driven mindset. This doesn’t mean that you shuttered all production. Rather, it means that product development is based on intelligence from the market. Sometimes, the best opportunity to add value requires a new business model—a new way to go to market and possibly target a new set of customers.

Does your business have a market-driven orientation or an asset-driven orientation?

What We Do Best – Build Brand Preference

To decide what action to take, you need facts. That’s what data analysis gets you.

Here at Breakthrough Marketing Technology, we grow revenue based on deep insights into your customers; link your capabilities to new products customers will pay for; and optimize operating and growth processes to reduce costs, improve profitability, and increase revenue.

We go out to the customers you want to serve. We collect, analyze, and then interpret data that tells us what your customers think, say, do, and feel. From that information, we uncover insights and make recommendations so you can deliver products and services your customers will pay for. Then we connect that demand to the capabilities you have or need to build, so you end up with an efficient engine to power your growth.

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