Brand Attributes Perception


Determining the Best Positioning

A leading global printer manufacturer technology company, concerned about slowing growth, commissioned Breakthrough Marketing Technology to conduct a brand attributes perception study to help them determine the best positioning for an integrated communications campaign in support of a major growth initiative.

Brand Attributes Perception

Tools: Breakthrough Toolkit™
Approach: Analysis and Innovation
What We Did: Market-Driven Innovation

We designed, fielded, and analyzed a web-based study in the U.S and Europe to determine the most important brand attributes and how our client performed against those brands compared to the top four competitors. We identified an important brand attribute where our client was clearly perceived as the top brand across all regions. We also identified a brand attribute where our client was inferior to the other brands. All other brand attributes were shown to be mixed with no clear leader.

Our client initiated a broad-based marketing campaign that include website, mailings, and sales aids with the new positioning, along with supporting motivating messages, also gleaned out of the study. They have featured this new positioning in subsequent marketing efforts.

Our client also addressed the area where they were deficient, and expanded their channel marketing effort that also included the new positioning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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