Rapid Market Assessment

Understand New Markets

Rapid Market Assessment™ (RMA) is a deep qualitative dive into a market space to determine if there is a potentially attractive opportunity for your current business offerings to provide profitable benefits to either an adjacent market or geographical market that you currently do not serve.

Identify the growth opportunities in the considered markets.
Define alternative business strategies/models that may be necessary to participate.

With Rapid Market Assessment, you gain firsthand knowledge through focused interviews of the selected market in order to be able to

Learnings will then be used to advance the market space into further in-depth market assessment, through a full market assessment to confirm (or disconfirm) your original assessment, as well as an in-depth market evaluation and strategy. Your team will deliver a summary of the

The RMA Approach

We will meet with your leadership team in a half-day session to develop a project charter and define the team required to conduct the Rapid Market Assessment. We will conduct a one-day workshop to generate an initial sketch of the market(s) to engage. We will then coach and/or actively participate in the team’s work to generate the considered market learnings required to make a recommendation. We will conduct another one-day workshop with the team, this time to develop recommendations and the path forward. Lastly, we will make our recommendations.

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