Reduce the risk associated with investing in new offerings with our MORE tool.
Maximize the benefits of a well thought-out and executed marketing plan by integrating the components of marketing to deliver growth.
Where should businesses focus resources to better serve their existing customers and to find new customers and new markets?
integrated marketing
Marketing defines, develops, and delivers the entire business offering to the market. It’s the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer or end user.
hands working together
Demographics changes have transformed the U.S and revealed a big opportunity. The addressable multicultural market has expanded to include all the minorities who are now the majority.
building value proposition
We have talked a lot about value propositions in the past, but what exactly is a value proposition, and how do you build your own?
blue ocean red ocean
A primary tool of Blue Ocean is to create a strategy canvas that portrays the relative performance of the existing competitors vs. the offering characteristics provided to the market.
marketing and innovation
Good marketing transforms intentions into actionable results. How is this done?
How do you deal with the onslaught of generics now that your technology/innovation is maturing?
good marketing
Bring an understanding of the market environment to steer the development, design, communication, & delivery of the entire business offering to the market.
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