kent state program

business innovation
This Kent State University class provides an overview of the Innovation Process to develop new products and services.
Segmentation can enable you to identify and focus your resources on the customer groups who each have different values for your offering.
Learn how to capture and use market data to determine what it takes for your new product or service to succeed with the right analysis.
Learn about marketing research options that fill the market knowledge gaps that prevent you from making business decisions based on market insights.
A strong and profitable value proposition creates the link between customer value and customer behavior.
business development
The key to business development is the right mindset, skillset and toolset. These Kent State University sessions address all three.
value pricing
Operationalize the value-based pricing concept into the thinking and behavior of your entire marketing and selling organization.
To be successful, a comprehensive, well-defined, continuous process is needed. Its starting point is an innovation or new product defined.
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