The Innovation Process & New Offering Generation Workshop

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Increase Your Likelihood of Success

Kent State logo The design, management, and implementation of your innovation process should be based upon the needs and wants of your key markets. The multifunctional team approach taught in this interactive class increases the likelihood of your success and accelerates your time to commercialization with the specific, best-in-interactive class steps to follow. The output of this market-driven approach is the roadmap – from idea to a commercial product or service.

The Innovation Process

This class provides an overview of the Innovation Process to develop new products and services. It takes a deep dive into the early stages of the approach where organizations most often stumble. You will come out of the day knowing how to deliver a business-attractive project ready for development and commercial launch. Follow the roadmap from start to finish to the generate innovative new products and/or services.

You will learn how to

  • Frame innovation ideas into concept statements
  • Use secondary market data to gain an initial assessment of the potential value of each concept
  • Prioritize concepts to determine which ones to resource

Pre work: Become familiar with your organization’s commercialization process. Come prepared with elevator speech on markets in which your organization plans to grow and how you think you will get there. (Nothing proprietary is expected.)

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