strategy map flow-down
The strategy map flow-down is a framework to execute strategy, beginning with a disciplined and consistent way to describe it.
social change networking
Social changes happen slowly; it has to happen to many individuals. Individual change, however, can happen more quickly—with the right motivation. Since each individual is different, social change requires lots of different motivations—inputs from influences or influencers with whom different individuals connect.
What are you most uncertain about when you go to market? How do you deal with these uncertainties?
Eliminating risk entirely is impossible. However, you can minimize risk by carefully evaluating the market drivers that introduce uncertainty into your assessment of an opportunity for marketplace success.
How do I deal with the onslaught of generics now that my technology is maturing? This question weighs heavily on the minds of consumer marketers, but many B2B marketers don’t seem to connect with it until it is too late.
We used our Breakthrough Toolkit to help our client determine market segments and market interest in their proposed new printer.
business model
Business strategy mapping and execution framework leads to a strategy-focused organization, where there are a few vital performance drivers.
The objective of market orientation is sustainable profit growth. The market is made up of the customer, the competitor, and the value adding chain.
winning business model
The go-to-market strategy contains all of the work that a marketing unit must do to generate growth and profits. Download our latest white paper to learn more.
We conducted a Go-to-Market planning workshop to help our client identify core competencies and who might be their market segment.
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