Develop Your Go-to-Market Business Strategy

Your Go-to-Market Strategy

The go-to-market strategy is how your business will engage with a set of customers they want to serve in order to deliver growth and profits. It contains all of the work that a marketing unit must do to generate growth and profits.

To capture profits, businesses must

Internalize good business practices

Build organizational capacity and capability that align with market demands

Utilize customer and market learnings to drive strategic decision making

This starts with business strategy. An effective go-to-market strategy must be aligned with and driven by a well-articulated business strategy. Before you do a deep dive into marketing strategy, your business strategy has to be well-defined and understood throughout your organization. After you have developed your business strategy, you must figure out what your business model is. Is your business operational excellence-focused, product/technology-focused, or customer intimacy-focused? Lastly, you must build your value proposition—or fine-tune it, if it is already built.

Develop your go-to-market business strategy

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