voice of the customer

In appealing to ethnically diverse customers, VOC is crucial as it allows you to understand the specific needs and cultural nuances of different customer segments.
Businesses engaging in online marketing must develop comprehensive, culturally informed strategies to effectively target and engage with multicultural audiences.
Hybrid VOC helps you understand how customers perceive your new product and could be useful for determining how customers will receive your smartphone app. Using this methodology involves combining qualitative interview techniques with quantitative pricing and positioning assessments.
To appeal to an audience younger than your typical customers using VOC, you must gather intel and data about your new target demographic.
What are you most uncertain about when you go to market? How do you deal with these uncertainties?
New York City called on Breakthrough to help them understand how to better support Black entrepreneurs in the city.
We designed a direct-to-consumer quantitative study to test the market's receptivity to a concept bath towel our client was developing.
A new market entrant learned how to promote its new offering and where to focus its communications to reach receptive consumers.
New product launch best practice dictates that you collect market intelligence about the customers you want to serve.
building value proposition
We have talked a lot about value propositions in the past, but what exactly is a value proposition, and how do you build your own?
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