value proposition

social change networking
Social changes happen slowly; it has to happen to many individuals. Individual change, however, can happen more quickly—with the right motivation. Since each individual is different, social change requires lots of different motivations—inputs from influences or influencers with whom different individuals connect.
We used Hybrid VOC to help a client position, market, and price new products.
building value proposition
We have talked a lot about value propositions in the past, but what exactly is a value proposition, and how do you build your own?
breakthrough toolkit
The Breakthrough Toolkit delivers robust marketplace analysis for fact-based business decisions.
How does your organizational skillset—quality market learnings, value propositions, and business cases—factor into your growth?
A strong and profitable value proposition creates the link between customer value and customer behavior.
value proposition
Learn how the Breakthrough Toolkit helped a Fortune 100 company develop a go-to-market strategy to grow their business.
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