value adding chain

To build your value-adding chain map, you need to document the boundaries, the flow of value, activities, and benefits, draw relationships, and analyze the value-adding chain.
The value-adding chain is the ecosystem in which your target market segment resides. It describes the relationship between suppliers and customers all the way to the end user.
cantaloupe contamination control
Our client used value-adding chain analysis to provide a grocery store chain with assurance that cantaloupes they purchased met their brand standard.
When the market is new and the products are new, you end up with radical new ventures and/or new technologies, but new product development needs to be driven by facts from the customers.
cleaning agents
Using strategic development process that integrated visioning with value-adding chain analysis, our client transformed an inefficient supply situation into a streamlined new offering.
The objective of market orientation is sustainable profit growth. The market is made up of the customer, the competitor, and the value adding chain.
chemical factory
One client used value-adding chain analysis to transform a production process into a safe and efficient new offering.
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