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Maximize the benefits of a well thought-out and executed marketing plan by integrating the components of marketing to deliver growth.
New York City called on Breakthrough to help them understand how to better support Black entrepreneurs in the city.
What are the disciplines of business models? What rules should govern market leaders' actions? What are the key elements of business model development?
business model
Business strategy mapping and execution framework leads to a strategy-focused organization, where there are a few vital performance drivers.
We conducted a Go-to-Market planning workshop to help our client identify core competencies and who might be their market segment.
blue ocean red ocean
A primary tool of Blue Ocean is to create a strategy canvas that portrays the relative performance of the existing competitors vs. the offering characteristics provided to the market.
market driven innovation
Market-driven innovation is driven by getting everyone on the same page early on, and focusing on the work that needs to be done by everyone.
In all cases, a powerful decision support toolset is the solid footing required for strategic and tactical marketplace decisions based on fact.
Businesses sometimes become increasingly stuck as they attempt to reverse their declining growth. The question is, Why are they failing to get beyond where they are today?
value proposition
Learn how the Breakthrough Toolkit helped a Fortune 100 company develop a go-to-market strategy to grow their business.
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