Breakthrough Toolkit

The Breakthrough Innovation Hub™ can support your small business growth by providing robust market analysis that forms the foundation for fact-based business decisions.
We used our Breakthrough Toolkit to help our client determine market segments and market interest in their proposed new printer.
blue ocean red ocean
A primary tool of Blue Ocean is to create a strategy canvas that portrays the relative performance of the existing competitors vs. the offering characteristics provided to the market.
good marketing
To rapidly grow a key business, you need to learn more about the market you are serving. You need market intelligence.
marketing and innovation
Good marketing transforms intentions into actionable results. How is this done?
By combining qualitative and quantitative data, you gain human factor insights by bridging traditional market data information sources.
Accelerated Development requires an initial business case to be considered early in the process, which then becomes the basis for commitment
Our client wanted to test a potential new product that would offer their customers a single platform to process and distribute both audio and video signals. The client hoped to address some of the challenges their customers face.
A leading global printer manufacturer technology company commissioned Breakthrough Marketing Technology to conduct a brand attributes perception study.
market intelligence
Fact-based market intelligence: more effectively incorporate solid decision making & tools designed specifically for marketers to process information.
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