Expanding Product Growth with the Breakthrough Toolkit™

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Q: How can the Breakthrough Toolkit help my small business expand the growth of our current products?

The Breakthrough Toolkit™ can support your small business growth by providing robust market analysis that forms the foundation for fact-based business decisions. This Toolkit is essentially an integrated data tool that collects and analyzes customer perceptions about your products or services, ultimately identifying those that deliver the best customer experience.

More specifically, the Breakthrough Toolkit applies a mix of methodologies to depict the interrelated marketing 4 Ps– product, price, place, and promotion. This gives your business a comprehensive perspective on your market and how you can better optimize these elements for growth. By understanding customer values, preferences, and behaviors, your business can refine its current product lines.

Key to the Breakthrough Toolkit’s effectiveness is a set of causal exercises based on customer behaviors. The Toolkit requires respondents to make choices of one answer over another. This process presents realistic and actionable results that guide product expansion strategies.

The Toolkit’s thorough marketplace analysis goes deeper than conventional methods– you gain insights into existing customers, potential customers, and new opportunities outside your current market. Therefore, the Breakthrough Toolkit helps your business spread available resources wisely for the rapid increase of revenue and cash flow.

All these insights will help you understand your market better, enabling you to develop and launch newer, innovative products effectively. 

More information about the Breakthrough Toolkit can be found at Tools > Breakthrough Toolkit.
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