Value Proposition in a Box

The Breakthrough Toolkit™ is an integrated data tool that describes the products and services that deliver the experience your most desirable customers value. A sample of customer perceptions is collected and analyzed. Multiple methodologies are blended into one, delivering the interrelated marketing 4 Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) for the best value in statistical research today.

The Breakthrough Toolkit delivers robust marketplace analysis for fact-based business decisions. We perform a set of causal exercises based on behaviors. We require respondents to make choices of one answer over another to generate realistic and actionable results.

Addressing the market conditions that challenge customer lifetime value

Lack of differentiation

Price erosion

New competitive threats

Eroded value proposition

The Breakthrough Toolkit is based on surveys of about 100 respondents per customer segment. It is undertaken only after sufficient preliminary inquiries, usually in the form of interviews, have determined the customers/prospects to be investigated; the key performance attributes and product features to assess; and the outcomes customers/prospects want to achieve in order to quantify the characteristics of their desired experience.

A Tool that Delivers Quickly

The Breakthrough Toolkit delivers results quickly. Once the target respondents are identified and the survey is designed, we deliver results within four weeks from start to finish. The Toolkit is cost effective; you, the client, own the workbook for ongoing scenario planning and to build internal capability. And the Toolkit is fact-based, with quantitative results generated from the voice of the customer:

breakthrough toolkit

Go-to-market approach for existing offerings linked to the experience customers/prospects want

Early assessment of the market value for a new concept versus current products

Pricing, positioning, behavioral segmentation and channels generated from the VOC

Opportunities for differentiation to increase market share and optimize price

Competitive pricing—share versus demand, including “what if” pricing simulation

Highly automated, the Breakthrough Toolkit makes statistical analysis easily accessible to the non-statistics marketer. It is a consistent means to explore “what if” scenarios, so you can examine whether and how you want to enhance the customer experience. Whether for existing markets or new markets, it provides numerous interactive screens that allow analysis to be viewed from multiple perspectives:

The value of features and benefits, individually and in combination—providing prioritization guidance to technical/development

Competitors’ performance values

Quadrant maps indicating performance, importance and competitive advantage required to build differentiation

Comparative value of brand versus product feature value

Needs-based segmentation

Computation of derived importance (based on correlation to the Net Promoter Score)

Demand and earnings curves with optimum price ranges and associated earnings for new offerings compared to the competition, and multiple offerings in the same marketplace to explore possible cannibalization

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