Is Your Business Growth Stuck in the Rut of Past Success?

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Over the last 20 years, we have worked with clients who initially came to us because their growth engine had fallen apart. They wanted advice on how to grow what used to be a vibrant business. They stayed with us because we worked with them to recharge their growth engine. We identify critical issues and help prioritize their remedies to reestablish growth momentum. Our Growth Transformation Diagnostic is a candid evaluation of where you are today and what your business team must address to reestablish profitable growth.

We engaged in a new major initiative to double our sales in three sales primarily through strategic acquisitions. Breakthrough convinced us to take a Market Back approach to prioritize acquisition objectives and coached the teams through a thorough market analysis to validate opportunities. We now know where to place our strategic bets, and are moving forward.
Vice President
Major Protections Material Company

Most product launch failures are due to inadequate analysis of the market. We identify the outcomes that consumers want as a result of engagement with a brand, product, or service, resulting in an understanding of consumer aspirations and motivations. Our approach provides the whys of behavior and the value placed on achieving desired outcomes. It is from these insights that effective marketing, communications, and creative are born.

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