Integration of Education, Technology & Marketing

Kent State University’s mission is to be known as the “premiere research university that provides experience for life.” The university sought to increase the intimacy of its relationships with alumni, faculty, and students.

Integration to Complete a Mission

Our Tool: Inner Mind Metrix with Integrated Analytics
Our Approach: Innovation and Success
What We Did: Breakthrough ConnectED

The Breakthrough team created a mobile app that advances multiple aspects of the mission. This app

  • Reinforces their brand message
  • Offers customizable messaging
  • Creates two-way engagement
  • Enhances connectivity with alumni, faculty, and students in a framework that is fun

Features enable archiving and sharing content, as well as an easy mechanism to create live discussions around multimedia content ranging from lectures to broadcast sports. Although the format can loosely be described as a mobile magazine, it is much more and adds significantly to their brand positioning. We developed a cross-media campaign to drive awareness and interest.

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