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Brand Action Model (BAM)

The Brand Action Model™ is a sociological construct that provides a unique perspective on consumer relationships to brands. It is based on elements of the best of the Sociological Community Models. Our approach offers fresh insights into consumer connections to brands. By understanding the social dimensions of branding, the model enables us to manage the […]

Value Proposition in a Box?

Concept Test-Based Go-to-Market Strategy Delivers Growth The following case study describes use of the Breakthrough Toolkit to develop a go-to-market strategy for a Fortune 100 company to grow their business. A small set of concepts was defined from interviews. Testing the value of these concepts would allow for upgrades before commercialization to improve marketplace success. […]

Multicultural Positioning

Better Positioning for Greater Diversity The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a leading non-profit that utilizes independent scientific research, citizen support, and political advocacy to affect solutions to complex, environmentally-related problems. In looking at the changing population and the changing world, UCS recognized the need to Increase engagement with Black, Latino, and other scientists [...]

Are You Asking Yourself, “Why Can’t We Grow Our Business?”

The first in a series of four articles on key factors in business growth. We often take a direct approach and ask business teams, “Why can’t you grow?” Their answers tend to fall into 3 categories: Leadership Mindset Leadership engagement in growth initiatives Assignment of resources Organizational alignment with growth initiatives Organizational Skillset Knowledge of […]

Value-Based Pricing

Value-Based Pricing – How much of the value that you create do you keep and how much does you customer capture? Do you effectively price your offerings in both your existing business value propositions and new offering development process? The Kent State University Center for Corporate and Professional Development Certificate in Marketing and Innovation Program […]