“My leadership team took ownership and the organization responded in kind. One key change sticks out: We beat down both the functional and business unit silos, and the organization is excited about the new us.”
VP, High Performance Electrics company

Stalling a Decline

Our client’s business had been in decline for the past two years, and forecasts suggested a continued declining position. To counter this decline, our client began focusing on contract manufacturing to augment revenue generation. A family of Breakthrough tools was used to transform the company’s business from a revenue decline into a renewed state over a 12-month period.

Growth Transformation

Our Tools: Growth Transformation; Rapid Value Assessment (RVA); Opportunity Analyzer
Our Approach: Design, train, analyze
What We Did: Test New Innovation

Utilizing our Growth Transformation, and working hand in hand with the company’s leadership team, we were able to

  • Align the team around their core competencies that drove past success and those markets most attractive for future growth. The Opportunity Analyzer was critical to this accomplishment
  • Use the Rapid Value Assessment Tool to identify the core initiatives to drive for both faster and longer lasting growth

With these decisions made, the team utilized the  Future Business HistorySM strategy to identify a pathway to the future, which became the basis for all work going forward. Then, with the Future Business History, they conducted a Strategy Flowdown that further cemented

  • Customer sets
  • Value proposition
  • Work
  • Activities most demanding for improvement

Decline has been arrested, new customers have been captured, and growth initiatives are leading to fertile results.

In addition to these definitive changes, the leadership team is not only on the same page for their future, but has also transformed their individual behaviors into working as a real team and recognizing each other’s unique capabilities. The CEO has thrown several monkeys off his back.

About Us

Breakthrough Marketing Technology is a business and strategic marketing consultancy serving clients looking to innovate and grow. We work across business sectors, leveraging a common set of unique tools, analytics, and processes to generate actionable insights, recommendations, and processes to improve business growth. Our onsite diagnostic gets to the bottom of the barriers stalling business growth.


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