Be Intelligent About Market Intelligence

A Disciplined Approach to Marketing

Fact-based market intelligence can provide a more disciplined approach to doing marketing work. This approach more effectively incorporates solid decision-making and the use of tools designed specifically for marketers to process information. These tools include

Opportunity Analyzer

Enables quality decisions as to what markets to pursue

Rapid Market Assessment

Delivers a qualitative basis for decisions on what marketing/product concepts to pursue into development

The Breakthrough Toolkit™

Quantitatively translates concepts into segment-based value propositions and, ultimately, into a business case that determines to resource development into a commercial offering

Concept definition and description

Translates growth ideas into concepts which can be effectively tested in the market

Industry structure and value-adding chain analysis

Generates a strategic understanding of the industry the business participates and options for participation including understanding of the forces acting on the industry and market trends that can impact performance

A family of other useful tools that accelerate decisions and define actions

A few key mechanisms for renewed growth are

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