A Sound Integration

perceived value signalsOur client wanted to test a potential new product that would offer their customers a single platform to process and distribute both audio and video signals. The client hoped to address some of the challenges their customers face, including

  • Decline in design time
  • Lack of new technology
  • Decrease in profits
  • Decrease in talent tool
  • Availability of accurate information

Finding the Perceived Value

Our Tools: Perceived Value ToolkitTM
Our Approach: Analysis and Innovation
What We Did: Quantitative Pricing, Positioning, and Value Analysis

Breakthrough Marketing Technology conducted a quantitative pricing, positioning, and value analysis market study, utilizing the Perceived Value ToolkitTM, to provide the client with the business analytics needed to effectively support the launch of the new product. The goals of the market study were to

  • Define an optimum price range for the new product
  • Determine how best to position the new product
  • Identify behavioral segments within the selected markets and describe their behavioral characteristics for targeting and communications
  • Engage end user decision makers and influencers to achieve broad industry participation

Together with the client, we designed and conducted a blind, quantitative, web-based survey, and used the Perceived Value ToolkitTM to analyze the survey results. The survey included a concept test featuring the new product, described by its product features and benefits, in which we evaluated, among other things:

  • Overall interest
  • The price/demand relationship
  • Barriers to purchase

To the Beat of the Customer’s Drum

Our research and analysis showed a very high level of interest in the concept and provided the client with exactly the information they needed to determine the best way to successfully price and position the product. This client is one of many with whom Breakthrough has worked before and looks forward to working again to help them grow their business.

TMPerceived Value Toolkit is a trademark of Breakthrough Marketing Technology, LLC

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Breakthrough Marketing Technology is a business and strategic marketing consultancy serving clients looking to innovate and grow. We work across business sectors, leveraging a common set of unique tools, analytics, and processes to generate actionable insights, recommendations, and processes to improve business growth. Our onsite diagnostic gets to the bottom of the barriers stalling business growth.


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