The following case study describes use of qualitative and quantitative research for a specialty branded retailer’s outlets stores to better understand what prevents women consumers from purchasing for themselves more often.

Media: Multiple source data integration and analysis
Case Study: Consumer purchase journey and experience exploration
What We Did: Growth Strategy

What Prevents Women from Purchasing for Themselves More Often?

women consumersBoth quantitative and qualitative research was conducted over 2 years. Phase I work utilized both online survey research and store intercept methodologies for formal data collection. Informal data were collected via casual conversations with shoppers, and hundreds of photographs of stores and customers to provide context. In total, more than 17,000 consumers spent in excess of 7000 hours completing the e-survey.  Over 1100 consumers spent nearly 400 hours talking about the brand and their shopping experience. Well over 3 million data points were collected.

In Phase II, focus groups were conducted with diverse female consumers across the U.S, in cities close to the specialty retailer’s outlet stores. Breakthrough Marketing Technology developed the screener and the focus group guide, moderated the groups, analyzed the results and generated a final report. An additional set of targeted survey questions were asked to gauge response to both advertising and merchandising experiments.


Breakthrough conducted the store intercepts and led all phases of data analysis that included integration of the Phase I and Phase II work. New ideas for merchandising, store hours, and customer service were generated from the analysis. Insights from both phases resulted in Breakthrough delivering strategic recommendations, many of which were implemented within 90 days or incorporated into the client’s strategic plans.

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