Hear the Voice of the (Younger) Customers

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Q: How can I use voice of the customer to appeal to an audience younger than my typical customers?

To appeal to an audience younger than your typical customers using the Voice of the Customer (VOC) strategy, you must gather intel and data about this new target demographic. This involves the following steps:

Hybrid Voice of the Customer (Hybrid VOC)

This is a methodology that combines qualitative interviews along with a quantitative pricing and positioning analysis. When dealing with a younger demographic, focus interviews and assessments on their unique needs, concerns, preferences, and buying behaviors. The data collected will indicate how a new product or concept must be tailored to deliver value to your younger customers.

Demographics Analysis

Analyze factors such as age, income, education, the number of children living at home, what targets buy, the kind of entertainment they enjoy, their credit rating, and behavioral data to create a fact-based, comprehensive picture of your younger demographic.

Market Intelligence

Collect market intelligence relating to the younger customers you want to serve. This can be done through surveys, focus groups, online research, and social media engagement.

Competitive Environment

Determine the share you could expect to receive once in a competitive environment and understand who among these potential younger customers would be ready to test and purchase your product.

Emotional Rationale

Understand the emotional and rational choices that influence this demographic’s purchasing behavior.

By understanding your younger demographic inside and out, you can tailor your offerings and marketing strategy to better attract, engage, and retain them.

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