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Long-Term Perspective for Long-Term Growth

Long-term growth requires a long-term perspective. How do you get the right level of insight about the industry and your best opportunities for the future? You start with framing the critical questions.

In the case of the Epson Projector Division, the focus was corporate clients. How could Epson help them work better and more easily? If they could understand trends in how their clients’ employees meet, collaborate, and use technology to facilitate work, they could design the right products.

Projecting Insights for Epson

Our Tools: Depth Interviews; Structured Ideation
Our Approach: Analysis and Innovation from Insights
What We Did: Market Intelligence

Leaders from over 35 companies spent an hour or more with us in their office locations. We interviewed corporate IT, facilities managers, executives, “power technology users,” dealers, designers, space planners, accessory manufacturers, and system integrators. The cross-section of companies was broad and included everyone from P&G to Cisco, American Express, Nike and Boeing; system integrators Avyve, CompView and Wave Guide; and consultancies Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte. One discovery was the growing role of commercial real estate management firms, so we added Cassidy Turley to our interview schedule.

There were a number of key trends we identified as shaping the future market requirements for Epson projector products and technologies:

  • Increasingly complex and varied decision-making processes
  • Consumerization of B2B technology
  • The impact of corporate culture
  • Changes in the physical environment in which work is done — hoteling, flexible space, remote locations
  • The quest for the elegant solution — simple, basic interfaces

From the massive amount of information we gathered, we developed a robust list of opportunities, implications and recommendations. The two-day workshop we designed enabled us to work with Epson executives from the U.S and Japan to further ideate new concepts and prioritize them.

Whether your market is large or small, it pays to prepare for the future. There are lots of things to consider. We would love to know more about you and share how we’ve helped companies like yours be even more successful. Feel free to give us a call.

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