Brand Action Model – BAM

The Brand Action Model™ is a sociological construct that provides a unique perspective on consumer relationships to brands. It is based on elements of the best of the Sociological Community Models.

Our approach offers fresh insights into consumer connections to brands. By understanding the social dimensions of branding, the model enables us to manage the impact of environmental influences and leverage them to build a brand community, complete with supportive institutions and brand partners.

For the advertising industry, this is a new model for business success. The business benefits in taking this approach include

  1. Building and maintaining enhanced client loyalty, even in price sensitive markets
  2. Creating a stronger, more differentiated brand positioning
  3. Developing a stronger base upon which to build brand extensions

Brand Action Model — Current Practice

What’s Being DoneWhat Should Be Done
Focusing on end user/consumerConverting the social system of value chain intermediaries AND consumer to belief in the brand
Generating brand awareness and motivating behaviors of individualsBuilding brand allegiance through end user/consumer influencers and institutions
Communications creativityIntegrated communications strategy
PurchasingEvangelizing value chain members
Focus groups and surveysAddition of history, ethnography, cultural anthropology, participant observation, semiotics
Primary offering: advertisingPrimary offerings: integrated brand promotion (IBP) strategy and implementation

The Brand Action Model℠ in Action

Every brand is part of a complex value chain. The key influencers in that chain are the social institutions and business organizations that mediate between the client and the end user, as well as the cultural context of values and meanings in which both operate.

When consumers see the brand valued by consumers they care about, institutions they respect, and organizations they rely on to bring them products that fulfill their expectations, they value the brand all the more. When retailers or other intermediaries see the brand valued by consumers, they value it more. All parties exist in a social system in which they value each other more when they share common cultural perceptions.

When a brand’s cultural meanings are embedded into consumer and intermediary cultures, then you have created a brand community. That community can be mobilized to amplify, protect, and extend that brand’s meanings to current and new constituents. We do that by creating and using the tools below to develop unique insights about the brand’s consumers, intermediaries, and cultural context:

  • African American consumer panels
  • Culturally defined anthropological databases
  • Customer sociological segmentation that goes beyond traditional demographics and psychographics
  • When needed, particular research tailored to identify the cultural significance of a brand’s equity

BAM Outcomes

The Brand Action Model

By taking a social systems approach, we create multiple connections among the brand, the value chain intermediaries, and the consumer. This brand community can be used to create unique, multi-dimensional value propositions for clients’ brands and brand families.

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