Target the Diverse Marketplace

Multicultural Marketing

A Diverse Marketplace

When you speak to the one as the many, do they take the action you expect?

Multicultural MarketingA diverse marketplace is becoming the norm as both globalization and cultural merging increase. For the first time, more than 50% of babies are born to minorities as defined by the U.S Census.

We help clients develop, understand and implement multicultural marketing strategies to improve business—from strategy creation through implementation. By leveraging social and cultural anthropology, as well as techniques to probe emotion-level responses, we learn the why and how of affecting desired behavior. Frequently, our work involves customized marketing, positioning, branding and/or messaging to motivate preference.

Our recommendations are consistent with overall client strategy and brand, but reflect important nuances that increase relevance to targeted multicultural audiences. We believe that advertising should be inclusive, reflecting both shared and distinctive values.

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