Growth Strategy

What will they say about you in 5 years?

Growth StrategyFuture Business HistorySM is part of a process designed to lead a company/business through developing a vision and an aggressive growth strategy. The approach is based on a highly interactive framework that transforms the Future State vision into

  • A strategic intent;
  • Core strategic architecture with operating strategies;
  • Key actions required to get started; and finally,
  • An organizational model linked to the strategic intent.

The set of targeted actions (on a timeline) and success measures comprise the Future Business HistorySM.

The process to make strategic product and marketing decisions starts with your internal vision and adds insights into what markets will value to grow your business. We characterize the behavioral and emotional responses customers do and will have to products, services, and individuals – as appropriate. In so doing, marketers receive the information they need to generate the compelling benefits, value propositions, and positionings that go beyond functional appeals. So, communications and offering design are more targeted and impactful, because they address the unique triggers necessary to establish preferences and the desired customer behaviors.

SMFuture Business History is a servicemark of Breakthrough Marketing Technology, LLC
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