Why Can’t We Grow Our Business?

The Drivers of Growth

Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t we grow our business?”

business growth fallsWe often take a direct approach and ask business teams, “Why can’t you grow your business?” Their answers tend to fall into three categories:

  • Leadership Mindset
    • Leadership engagement in growth initiatives
    • Assignment of resources
    • Organizational alignment with growth initiatives
  • Organizational Skillset
    • Knowledge of the business’s growth framework
    • Skills in implementing a growth project
    • Effective team building
    • Adeptness in using growth project tools
  • Operational Toolset
    • Project teams have the tools to make fact-based decisions about market opportunities, value propositions, building a business case for their project, and designing a successful product launch

A key finding from our analysis is that businesses cannot separate these three drivers of growth. They go together, must be fostered and developed together, and should be implemented with equal and shared intensity!

Success stories clearly demonstrate the importance of an integrated mindset/skillset/toolset view of new business development. In every case, we found explicit links between how leaders lead, how the organization did their work, and how they utilized quality tools. Detached leadership always results in poor performance. Engaged leadership is necessary, but it is insufficient by itself. Enabling the development of organizational skillsets and operational toolsets is the cornerstone of leadership.

In this article, we share some real-world examples of how these three “sets” affect business growth. Click the button below to read the full article or to download your own copy.