Target Everyone Who Matters in a $300 Billion Market


Expand the way you think about the market to grow your business.

Demographics changes have transformed the U.S and revealed a big opportunity. The addressable market has expanded to include all the minorities who are now the majority. Business leaders are challenged to develop and execute strategies to engage them. With numbers this big and changes this vast and fast, it’s not about growth, but about survival.

Do you feel it will take a seismic shift in thinking and behavior for your organization to effectively reach and extract value from the new multicultural market? Do you need need a deeper level of understanding of the new consumers as the foundation to negotiate the shift and keep up with the multicultural market?

Uncover the insights that lead to deeper understanding. Learn why and how to engage overlooked and under-served consumers. Get the intelligence you need to deliver on resonating promises.

Are you having trouble viewing the video? You can also check out the Prezi here.

About the Author

Pamela J. RoachPamela Roach is CEO of Breakthrough Marketing Technology. She is dedicated to our mission of enabling businesses to make decisions based on fact. She has designed, collected, analyzed, and delivered the intelligence necessary to produce insights into the motivations, attitudes, and outcomes that characterize multicultural targets. In addition to her work at Breakthrough, she also teaches graduate students Integrated Marketing and Media Campaigns at NYU School for Professional Studies.


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