Deliver the Right Innovation to the Right Customers at the Right Price

If you are in the innovation mode, then you may have two major hurdles:

  • Getting the market to understand the new benefits from the innovation
  • Getting your leadership to buy into the risk

It’s all about gain. You know you can expand your market penetration with a new offering. You just need to make the case. To make it compelling, you need market insights that prove there is a clear road to success. You will succeed with both the customers and your leadership with the right knowledge and the right plan based on the right intelligence.

We pave that road with data and analytics that reveal what the offering should be, who will pay for it, and how much, as well as what to say about it so your message will be the call to action that wins!

Because our approach defines the value for the innovation in terms of what customers will pay and the demand, you learn the revenue potential, how to position the innovation, and which sets of potential customers to pursue. This reduces risk for your leadership and increases the likelihood of internal acceptance.

What Tools Do You Need?

Hybrid Voice of the Customer combines the best of a qualitative interview and the core of a pricing and positioning quantitative assessment. Hybrid VOC is a methodology that combines the best of the qualitative interview and the core of a pricing and positioning quantitative assessment. In a face-to-face interaction, key decision makers and influencers are asked to complete a set of exercises. Their responses trigger a focused discussion about their answers, as well as additional need areas. Responses from several sets of participants are captured and analyzed along with key statements as notes to generate a basis for progressing with new product development and commercialization.

About the Author

Pamela J. RoachPamela Roach is CEO of Breakthrough Marketing Technology. She is dedicated to our mission of enabling businesses to make decisions based on fact. She has designed, collected, analyzed, and delivered the intelligence necessary to produce insights into the motivations, attitudes, and outcomes that characterize multicultural targets. In addition to her work at Breakthrough, she also teaches graduate students Integrated Marketing and Media Campaigns at NYU School for Professional Studies.


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