How Are You Spending Your RECESSION – Vacation?

Time for Action?

Some firms are hunkering down to wait out the upcoming recession. Others are making use of the waiting time by fine-tuning their organization. Most are conserving their capital. However, it could be a good time to drive your future innovations. Resourcing has always been a major issue for firms with more to do during a growth period, and access to lead users is difficult. So, now is the time to use existing resources to

Breakthrough Marketing Technology has the experience and tools to help you along the way. We have an Accelerated Innovation framework and the time NOW to provide you with the support that can make for a smoother and faster transition.

How does your business plan to use the recession? Leave a comment below and let us know. Let’s start this conversation.

Have you taken our poll on your business’s plans for the recession? If not, click the link below to take our poll on LinkedIn.

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