Continuous Intelligence

Originally posted on LinkedIn by Dr. Geoffrey Webster, Senior Partner.

continuous intelligence
Picture courtesy of Forbes article entitled “What Is Continuous Intelligence?” October 18, 2018

Over the past few years, my clients have been slowly adopting the power of dynamic pervasive analytics. This has been crucial to driving long-term cemented results/success for process changes due to newly implemented Operational Excellence initiatives. This adoption proved to them that their siloed ways of operating and committed use of legacy/proprietary systems were major hindrances in driving, implementing, and sustaining innovations. 

Some have labeled this phenomenon continuous intelligence. What makes continuous intelligence different from tradition Visual Management boards and/or Snap-Shot Reporting is that continuous intelligence is an implemented solution that continuously streams key information in an ongoing real-time fashion.

Achieving Continuous Intelligence

Achieving continuous intelligence requires a commitment to an architecture that combines streaming technology with analytics. Thus, continuous intelligence delivers insight to applications, systems, or decision-makers as needed and quickly with rich content. By making continuous intelligence available in key locations throughout the various departments or work environments, viewers are able to see insights on their own to act sooner and faster.

Referencing the above, key continuous intelligence solutions I have seen benefit operational excellence include

  1. Streaming operational performance information in the customer service, finance, and manufacturing area simultaneously; no one is surprised to see improvements from recent changes as well as lower performance because of equipment issues 🎦
  2. Pulsing Visualizations showing trends, including the most current real-time data available; Line Charts, Paretos, and Lava Graphs automatically updating allows everyone who sees the visuals to quickly discern results, patterns, anomalies, and opportunities 📶
  3. Standard Reports with User-enabled Filtering providing the needed drill-down capability to quickly see underlining information to target efforts and resolve problems ⬆️

Where are you on your continuous intelligence journey? Leave a comment and let us know.

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